You’ll not just tough it out,

and yes , you’ll shine out.

Can’t pen your scars down, because you’re beyond the paradigm.

you’ll not just go with the flow, because you pathed how to glow,

Yes! with that faith (don’t doubt it), laurels is in your veins , I know it!

and you’ll not work it out , you’ll fight it , You’ll Transpose,

Because when the land slides down your feet again and the birds of prey start whispering, “you’re out of life” , But still You Rise.

You shall learn to be perceiving through the black hearts and snake people ,

hence you summon your true souls , they state,

“Go with that little faith! don’t unfeel it, success comes when you battle and you shall not cut a deal , just fight it , and sing new tunes.”

Your fall downs ain’t mistakes .

If they still think the final game is in , make them think again !!

Don’t be surprised you’ll still


Published by bellezaftmoda

Hye ! This is Belleza . Belleza does what her heart demands her . Belleza doesn't give a damn negative judgments. Belleza is trying to spread positivity. Be like Belleza . 🦋 hello this is belleza am more than grateful to get this platform to share what I feel and contribute my efforts to make you less bothered about things which doesn't deserve our worries. Trying to root this site to fashion as soon as I get enough confident to promote it ! stay connected. ☺️

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